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People, Purpose, Passion....

Why choose Jim Bennett?

What he does

  • His Purpose

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    Jim Bennett prepares people for a new way of working. He simplifies the most complex issues and creates a new willingness to think differently among team members and co-workers.

  • How he does this


    Part Zig Ziglar, part Jack Canfield, he has a authentic style that business people respond to. Armed with a turbo charged sense of humour and a unique perspective, Jim Bennett changes the way people think by skilfully crafting and memorably delivering each experience with relevance and fun. His closing keynote speeches are the best way to wrap up your next conference or convention.

  • His credentials


    A Chartered Safety Engineer with 30 years experience in Oil and Gas Exploration working with leading edge technology.  Extending operating limits to their perimeter within an enabling Management of Change framework underpinned by Human Factor’s safety principles.

    An international speaker and workshop leader in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle east and the USA.  Jim  helps organisations keep their people passionately engaged in demanding times.

    As a consultant, Jim is an architect of high performing work environments.

    As a keynote speaker, he helps people sustain the spirit behind their success. He is a master at equipping today’s business professionals with relevant tools for winning safely at work and at home.

    As an expert witness in the prevention of major accidents in the Oil and Gas sector he describes in detail the root cause(s) of accidents  from a Process Safety and Loss Control perspective. (Example of Typical Human Factors Root Cause Analysis)