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People, Purpose, Passion....

Welcome to our Consultancy Services

We know that to survive in this fast changing world agile and resilient leadership is key. Speaker Services are  core to JB Consultancy who are a global leadership consultancy with a single focus: we help business athletes from ‘Board to Boardwalk’ deliver Safe Results through values based Zest Leadership  faster than their competition.

Zest Leadership is the result of 30 years research of Behavioural Based Safety Leadership in the prevention of major accidents in the Energy Sector. This research is underpinned by the field of Human Factors in loss prevention that can be summarised as People. Process, Plant and Performance. Jim Bennett, our founder and Principal Consultant, believes that anyone within an organisation can show leadership within their work – having influence +  impact.

Difficult times make great leaders. You have a choice: You can play victim and blame your situation on external conditions, or you can show leadership and learn your way out of the recession. He sparks leadership from ‘Board to Boardwalk’ empowering learning organisations.

Consultancy Services

We believe in embracing the ‘Dream Business’ where we explore the possibility of:

  • Dream products
  • Deram fulfillment
  • Dream marketing
  • Dream projects
  • Dream engineering

Then transforming the Dream into reality by DOING!

The ‘Dream Teams’:

  • Maximise your value added by fulfilling the Dreams of your clients
  • Only invest in what’s valuable for your clients.
  • Don’t let short-term results weaken the long-term value of your Brand.
  • Balance the rigorous control of the financial endeavour with the emotional management of your brand.
  • Design for the 5 senses

A Company of Zest Leaders

The Dream Teams are business athletes with leadership skills. When we invest in People we have the ability to transform our workforce into ‘A Company of Zest Leaders.’ We need a new understanding of the difference between management and leadership.

Management functions (handling the existing concerns of staffing, planning, budgeting, operational systems, etc.) need to stay in the capable hands of management professionals. A Company of Zest Leaders doesn’t abandon the management structure.

Leadership functions (engaging others to voluntarily commit to an uncertain future through visioning, modelling, challenging and encouraging) need to be the job of every head and heart the organisation has on it’s payroll.

The Company of Zest Leaders model gives your staff a voice and let’s them know that there is a valuable place for them. The Company of Leaders model is based on the 12 staff characteristics of productive engagement discovered from over 30 years of organisational study in the Energy Sector.

12 Characteristics

Hard/Soft Skills

Staff’s New Behaviours

Building Community


Trusting Each Other
Encouraging Spirit


A Passion for Staying on Top


Getting Things Done


No Ideas Left Behind


Staying Ahead of Instant Irrelevance


Working Smarter


Breaking the “Deferring to Titles” Habit


Companions of Change


Better Than Yesterday


Telling our Story


Shared Values Make Rule Books Obsolete


Growth is Everyone’s Job

Our methods function as a ZEST turbo charger for ALL your other initiatives. We have been successful in keeping teams passionately engaged in tough times and it is our commitment to bring these past successes to work for you.