Programme Overview

Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison and other creative geniuses have always worked in the same way. They do not wait for creative ideas to strike them. Rather they focus on trying to solve a clearly stated, at least in their minds, problem.

There are numerous different approaches to Creative Problem Solving. ours is more focused on innovation (that is the implementation of the most promising ideas).

Key Words

Creative problem solving, innovation, brain power, whole brain thinking, creative intelligence, belief of excellence, NLP, Team Magic.

Who should attend?

‘C- suite’, Senior Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, all colleagues that require innovative solutions to our dynamic environment.


Foundation level is a one day workshop, with advanced level two days.


Our programme can be tailored to meet our client’s specific needs. Typically it includes:

  • What is Creativity
  • Brain Power
  • Creativity “Stoppers”
  • Developing our Creative Intelligence
  • Leonardo’s Strategy for Systemic Thinking and Invention
  • Nikola Telsa:  Mastering the Minds Eye
  • There is a solution to every problem
  • Mind and Body are Part of the Same System
  • Knowledge, Thought, Memory and Imagination
  • Beliefs of Excellence
  • Problem Statement
  • Why, Why Diagram
  •  Fishbone or Cause – and – Effect Diagram
  •  Mind Maps
  •  Receive Feedback Constructively
  • Identify Your Learning Strategy
  • Take on a Belief of Excellence to Give Yourself New Choices
  • A 7 step process:
    1. Clarify and identify the problem
    2. Research the problem
    3. Formulate creative challenges
    4. Generate ideas
    5. Combine and evaluate the ideas
    6. Draw up an action plan
    7. Do it! (implement the ideas)