Programme Overview

Our Health and Wellbeing Leadership workshop is about ‘living in the now.’ Today is the day we can make the decision to get into outstanding physical health and to be a genuine leader at work,  be more authentic as a human being and to run towards our fears. This is what  Leadership is all about – seizing the moment and living our lives as an example to others of what’s possible for a human being to create. Thinking about what our best life will look like.  With better awareness we can make better choices and when we make better choices, everyone will see better results in all walks of our lives.

Our programme can be developed to meet our client’s specific needs.

Key Words

Health and Wellbeing, Vitality, Energy, motivation, change management, behaviours, core values, stress management, elite performance, leadership

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed to meet the challenges that everyone from ‘The Board to the Boardwalk’ is facing in our dynamic changing environment.


This is an experiential learning workshop and can be facilitated in half, full day and 2 day formats.

Typical Programme

Our bespoke programme may be developed to include:

 The Foundations of Health and Vitality

  • Live fully now
  • 6 ways to achieve personal greatness
  • What makes an elite performer
  • Understanding our individual and organisational stressors – ‘malfunction junction.’

 Control Techniques

Self-leadership is recognising that everything in business –and life for that matter- is a choice. It is only when a choice is recognised that that more information will be sought, more questions asked, and the situation assessed consciously and objectively. We will explore:

  • A balanced model for success
  • “ 4th generation time management”
  • Small daily acs of greatness
  • “Black Belt Leadership”

The EnergyExplosion®- harnessing your personal power for high performance

Personal energy is something most of us have in short supply. However, all is not lost even a small change can make a dramatic difference to how you think and feel.

  • We explore the methods of harnessing our natural energies.
  • We review what our energy centres relate to.
  • We discover what Ultradian stress feels and looks like.
  • We experience what a healing response could do for our families, our team, our organisation, and us.
  • We learn how to ride the wave of change and set our compass for maximum performance…..