Zest Leadership:  Stronger, Smarter, Safer

Winning secrets of peak performance individuals and organisations in Turbulent Times”

Man on topEvery great undertaking, accomplishment and breakthrough, began with the power of a dream.

Jim Bennett’s dynamic presentation will show you the electrifying energy that comes as a result of crafting your own personal vision and purpose of what you want to accomplish in business and life. You will discover how your PURPOSE enters your subconscious and directly dictates how you can be more than you are so that you can do more than you do.

Zest Leadership is about Values Led Leadership – Honesty, Openness and Trust within an enabling environment. Learning how to build and create this self-sustaining environment for YOU, YOUR FAMILY and YOUR ORGANISATION within a dynamic changing world.

You will be fixated, on the edge of your seats, as Jim shows you how that by having a clear PURPOSE withPASSION you can turn obstacles into challenges and potential into action. Meetings, who only minutes before were standing and cheering, are reduced to silence as he shares how, most of us, ignore our massive untapped potential – all because we don’t have an inspiring dream. If it was impossible for YOU or YOUR ORGANISATION to fail what would you do TODAY?

You will leave the presentation with a new, ironclad commitment to your personal and business life. Most importantly, you will walk out with the exact knowledge you need to construct your own bold, daring, and imaginative VISION for the next chapter of your life to be Stronger, Smarter and Safer.

EnergyExplosion ®: “unleashing your zest for life”

success 2In 1990 Jim was bedridden with a mysterious illness that destroyed his health. A voyage of discovery to regain control ensued. Orthodox medicine was unable to provide the answer.

He has researched western human engineering tools and eastern complementary techniques of Yoga, Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Reiki that resulted in valuable insights that he synthesised and shares in this “holistic” presentation.

Personal energy is something most of us have in short supply. However, all is not lost even a small change can make a dramatic difference to how you think and feel.

  • We explore the methods of harnessing our natural energies.
  • We review what our energy centres relate to.
  • We discover what Ultradian Stress feels and looks like.
  • We experience what a healing response could do for us, our families, our team, our organisation
  • We learn how to ride the wave of change and set our time compass for maximum performance.

You will leave the presentation with a new, zing and zest in your business life. Most importantly, you will walk out with the knowledge on how to unlock your potential energy that will fuel your bold, daring, and imaginative vision for the next chapter of your life

You will have the Energy Explosion to DREAM DARE AND DAZZLE

Riding the Wave of Change: People, Process, Plant, Performance.


In this fast changing environment agility and resilience are key to continued success in all walks of life. Imagine a workforce where everyone form ‘Board to Boardwalk’ are able to make decisions and act upon these decisions within an enabling management system. Having minimum supervision or management intervention!

This presentation stimulates:

  • A workforce that that has a high degree of responsibility and greater job satisfaction.
  • People that are passionately engaged in their work, that are more fulfilled, committed and receptive.
  • Teams ignited to achieve their organisation’s goals.
  • A generative culture that encapsulates People, Process and Plant for Peak Performance.
  • An organisation where Human Energy is harnessed and work seems to be achieved more easily, success seems to multiply and desire to achieve more increases.

Jim Bennett delivers this keynote with energy which is a catalyst for developing agile organisations who  are filled with passion – creating unique customer experiences to generate powerful and sustainable safe results.